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Based in Johannesburg, I’m a highly experienced Graphic Designer and Art Director, with over a decade in both design and advertising disciplines. I specialise in branding and information design, producing corporate Identity sets and visual communication materials for the multimedia, event management and corporate industries.


My biggest clients include two production houses – for whom I regularly design pitch presentations and video animation assets for animators to work with, such as characters, settings, typography and more.





My career started at Jem Advertising in 2007. Here, I worked as a graphic designer across a variety of mediums – learning as much as possible and developing my own approach to design.


In 2008, I joined the Quartermaster team. I continued to grow my design repertoire, and also focused on exploring other graphic mediums.


In 2009 I was appointed as an Art Director at Equilibrium Life Magazine. Here, I had the responsibility of coordinating a team of creatives in the management of communication campaigns. I was eventually appointed as Creative Director for both Equilibrium Life and Equilibrium Business.


At this point, I braved my ambition to become an independent Designer/Art Director – and in 2010, MOON STUDIO came to life, and I’ve been running it ever since.





The MOON STUDIO business model is unique in that it works on the basis of hiring only relevant freelancers on a project-to-project basis. These carefully-chosen freelancers are specialists in their fields, and provide the most up-to-date and focused work.


Using this model as opposed to hiring permanent employees means I can always ensure a resource of skilled creatives, focused on clients’ deadlines, as well as high-quality output, while avoiding high operating costs that drive quotes up unnecessarily. This resource of creatives, which includes Graphic Designers, Art Directors, Web Developers, Strategists and Copywriters – built on years of collaboration and successful project delivery.


More than anything, being independent has provided incredible opportunities to work with truly inspiring individuals, as well as other companies who I feel are ‘getting it right’. I’m lucky enough to say that MOON STUDIO truly is a day-to-day success, with an ever-growing client base.


If you happen to be looking for focused and meaningful design and communications for your brand, let’s work together!